About Me

About Me #

I entered the University of Glasgow in 2016 to study computational physics, but soon discovered that I enjoyed university mathematics much more than in High school and so switched to theoretical physics over the summer of my 1st year. I was primarily interested in particle physics through my degree, writing projects quark-gluon plasma in my 2nd year and electroweak symmetry breaking and extensions to the Higgs mechanism in my 4th year. In my final year I decided I didn’t want to pursue a PhD in high-energy theory so I wrote my masters thesis “Optics in curved spaces” with Johannes Courtial. Now I work on similar themes, those of optics and geometry, in my PhD at the University of Birmingham where I am part of the theoretical physics group and CDT in Topological Design. Currently I am in the 3rd year of my PhD, I am supervised by Professor Mark Dennis. For more about my research look here

Travel #

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Academic History #

2021-2025: PhD in Theoretical Physics, Univerity of Birmingham

2016-2021: MSci Theoretical Physics with Honours of the First Class, University of Glasgow

  • 2021: Summer Internship - Optics Group, Univerity of Glasgow
  • Masters Thesis (5th Year): Optics in Curved Spaces, supervised by Johannes Courtial
  • Literature Project (4th Year): Generic Higgs Mechanism Extensions, supervised by David Miller
  • 2019: Summer Internship - “An Improved Model for Calculating Optimal Undulator Gaps on Hard X-ray Beamlines”, Diamond Light Source

2011-2016: SQA Highers AAAAB, Carrick Academy

Graduate Courses Taken #


  • General Relativity and Gravitation
  • Dynamics, Electrodynamics & Relativity
  • Physics M Project
  • Problem Solving Workshop
  • Relativistic Quantum Fields
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Quantum Information
  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • Groups And Symmetries


  • Introduction to Topology and its Applications
  • Advanced Differential Geometry and Topology

Technical Skills #

  • Linux
  • Python Programming